Shortly before the season, Bavaria AG would like to remind all captains and boat owners – as they do every year – to carry the liability insurance certificate with them. It is mandatory in most EU countries and is renewed annually.

Why you need the liability certificate?

Whether at Lake Garda, in Croatia, on the Balearic Islands, in the Aegean Sea, the Baltic Sea or in St. Tropez – the authorities often carry out random checks, especially at the anchorage. It becomes problematic when the officials cannot be presented with a valid certificate. This can even lead to the situation that the ship may not be moved until proof of insurance has been furnished.

Sandra Aharabian, CEO of Bavaria AG from Grünwald/Munich, says: “We actually get excited calls every year from customers who have forgotten their certificate and need immediate on-site support. Bavaria AG has a service hotline that solves the problem immediately. It is better to place the certificate safely on board.”

Bavaria AG issues the certificates six weeks before the due date and sends them out in time before the expiry of the previous year’s certificate. By the way, this applies to all motor or sailing yachts, dinghies and jet skis.