Comprehensive Insurance Cover with our Yacht Liability Insurance

As a yacht owner, you need a comprehensive insurance cover. Because events may still occur that we cannot foresee today. The special BAVARIA insurance cover concepts offer global protection for third-party liability and also include cover against personal and property damage, pecuniary loss, damage to rental property, dinghy and trailer, environmental and water damages – without the need for a higher premium. Racing in regattas is also covered. Our liability default insurance coverage is especially valuable.

We will check whether and to what extent liability for compensation exists and will settle justified claims. However, we will reject unsubstantiated claims for damages.

Yacht Liability Insurance

Top services of our yacht liability insurance

  • Worldwide cover
  • Dinghy with no capacity limitation
  • Skipper liability insurance
  • Best premiums
  • Regatta risk
  • Default insurance cover
  • Damages to rental equipment
  • Environmental and water pollution damages
  • Trailer insurance
  • Water damages

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